Monday, 28 December 2009

This is nice.

a special editing to the photos can make such a cute movie. i wonder how long this took him and how many photos he took. ( i just found this in my old unpublished posts)

Bathtub IV from Keith Loutit on Vimeo. Pin It

Sunday, 27 December 2009


I am quite busy during these few weeks (surprisingly) and staying home has not been an bored "option" for me as there seems to be TONS and TONS of things to do and and i haven't finish them half way yet... at the end of the year there is always things to finish up. So i begin to wrap up the year by starting to burn DVDs for my 13,000 pictures for this year alone. I think i would used up to 9 DVDs for this.
At the end of the year, it is always good to give thanks to your friends. And i gathered my tools early and started making those cards for my great FH friends who suffered with me throughout these 13 weeks. Meanwhile, they will start to enjoy while i suffer for the rest of my army days (or daze). I shall not post those photos of the cards in case they haven't open them yet but here's 2 close snapshots of the cards i already gave my 2 good friends. I love making these cards and it took quite a lot of my time! Hence, i am now quite caught up as i have to prepare for my last week of rest before i gonna suffer.

Ice-cream is my best friend. like seriously, you can go without food and have this because it is just so darn freakin' good! (no swearing... i leave that in camp.) Yep, this is a photo of my real life-saver who has endure with me through thick and thin all these time after my surgery. I am so glad that i had 4 tubs to survive cause cold porridge mixed with mashed potato is sufferable after 4 days with it. More OLD update to come as i realise that i have old posts that have been secretly kept (as in away from my own sight) in blogger so prepare to look at the old times. Pin It

Thursday, 10 December 2009


Here's how it looks it you want to see the whole picture. I can't talk so typing is a good way now to express myself. I look okay from the outside but actually feeling the pain and i'm living on painkiller making sure that i'm taking them on time if not i'll feel the pain even if i'm not swallowing. hence, the pain is little unbearable such that i'll hold on to something and brace myself while i prepare to swallow.
I woke up early this morning after all the dizzyness to see this note. use tissues! haha... sorry for the blood stains! i'm tired even now, though i feel that i've rested enough. the show glee is really nice to watch during the afternoon and i have pints of ice-cream to eat since the doctor recommended it. (i wouldn't say 'no' to ice-creams) let me rest first and while i sort out the whole fizzy procedure of my surgery.

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Sunday, 6 December 2009


Next week is going to be a tough one for me- going to a new unit, experiencing a different feel of the way things would work there, or whether it will be the same as the last time where things are so inflexible, some people are just mean and give you an extra without putting their mind into it. Or you'll see more screwed up things there,with people giving you wrong information and cause you or others into huge trouble and that he doesn't realise it. Loads of sighs now and then as the thought of it just cross over my mind and with so many good people not with me around, it just makes things harder to work out. The book WS lent me was a great read as i suffered througout the course, i could connect to it, seeing how it was hard to be left alone bare in this world. I seriously don't know why i was posted there and the reasons given to me are totally illogical and myopic, just like the last 13 weeks. More to come.
The second thing i'm worried about is the surgery that is happening next week, those tonsils and nose block has been making me sick all the time and almost caused a fever that could send me straight to the hospital. These got to stop, so surgery is the only option. which i have not been prepared yet, as i have no time to think about it and concentrated on the course. i wouldn't how bad it will feel and i probably may need to stay in the hospital after surgery depend on the doctor's orders. sigh.... scarey operation + alone hospital stay. on a side note, i have a e-mail to send which cause me more distress as i feel that problems are going to pile on and people starts thinking that its all my fault. How am i gonna block out or let in? Next week is real hard.
(p.s: 2 cards i made for my dear friends who made the course so much better when there are some jerks around. especially thanks to kk for suffering with me and had endless worries that almost had me a heart attack. more cards and work to be done.)

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Friday, 27 November 2009

I need a big cup of...

watermelon juice right now... will be posting updates soon, i'm real busy yesterday at the wedding with sooooo many people asking me to help them take pictures. but is was a fabulous one i must say. Pin It

Sunday, 22 November 2009

where was I?

sorry to keep you guys waiting so long! i was seriously lazy and was totally irritable in these 12 weeks so i had no motivation and time. (note:i have no time again... thanks to the &*^%^ FH course) but after so long i have decided to blog, seeing that you guys have been looking at that stupid 70-300mm camera lens for so long... so i added more lenses for you guys to see! (not that you're bored already) I made this card not to long ago for our sergeant secret as agreed by my detachment members who think that he deserves some recognition for his role as in instructor. Hope he doesn't tell the rest and rub it in their face... opps!
I brought a prime lens and a BETTER zoom lens which i THINK i am statisfied.... the new camera flash excites me like crazy! however, one MAJOR drawback to this flash is that it makes noises! I seriously need to try them out more often...
This with my camera added-on features, i think i'm gonna have soooooo much trouble carrying it! I am just super happy now that my nightmare is over but i'm really afraid the worst is yet to come in my new posting serving the nation. sigh... till then, SMILE, say cheese!
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Sunday, 23 August 2009

Expired. (things i wanted to tell for a long time)

There are like tons and tons of memories and things i want to write about but as you can see how busy i am once i get home from national service- here's just the gist of it:

1. ZOOM lenses and camera accessories

The lack of money and time obviously only allow me to dream and dream of it only and one dream is to just take tons of photos and capture memories. But more photos = more problem of organising + storing + lack of disk space + increase urgency of scrapbooking. So the camera is put on hold for this moment, so there's no 'zhnging*' of my camera! This camera lens was borrowed from my dad's friend for my passing out parade and was returned promptly to stop me from going gaga over it and getting one in the end. Meanwhile, I'll just dream and look through amazing photos. Here's one from my company mate in the army who does an amazing job at his hobby:

2. Cycle expeditions

we cycled like mad trying to race at the speed of light in order to curve space-time so as to reach the bicycle shop before our rental time. Somehow or rather, we were a few minutes late that means to say we needed to pay a over-night in which i believed would have been pocketed by those bike rental personnels which almost got me in a fury, fortunately, we so called convinced them to charge us the original extra hour charge. We need to have more of these cycling expeditions as a group!

3. 29 Injections

Crazy me actually agreed to the nurse to do the food allergy not knowing that I had to test for so much food (she said it was average 18 injections only but i got more of it!) The 3 hours procedure was quite a nightmare and got me really groggy after that. I would never want to go through that again. ever. basically, I had to done the food test to determine the food that cause me to fall sick soooo many times in my army term. (specifically, I had to be injected with milk, corn, wheat, malt, soy, egg, baker's yeast, garlic, rice, pepper, apple, watermelon, check, pork, tomato, potato, onion, oyster, mushroom, clove, cumin, Cinnamon, coffee, tea, cocoa and 3 control chemicals) I had food hypersensitivity to (try saying it in 1 breath) malt, egg, baker's yeast, watermelon, pork, potato, oyster, coffee, tea, cocoa. So as S says, I have to live with rice and plain porridge and water for the rest of my life? (OK, 6 months of that-the nurse says. but that would mean ending my Avoiding these foods is HARD, so bloody hard. you could say i did these injections for nothing. :)

3. Good Day! (with fist high up, elbows locked)
these people are really funny, enjoyed thick and thin (mostly thin?) with them. Gonna miss those who are posted to other unit! Good Luck!

5. Happy 19th birthday
Thanks for all the birthday wishes that you guys have given been more than a month ago. All presents are appreciated, including this one which i pasted in my army cupboard locker. It just reminds me of needing to get creative which i so need to work on, random doodling might just work....

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Sunday, 5 July 2009

What's happening to me???

I'm changing....both physically and mentally. its bad- it affects people around me. i'm sorry, give me some time. Pin It

Sunday, 31 May 2009

Some random deep thoughts.

I just went blog hopping, going through different blogs trying to find out what with their lives right now or just then. I went to find out more about others but ironically, I found myself and that was probably my one time out with this very unique person i find peculiar who always dare to try and want to do. Somewhat i feel the opposite of me, cause i can hardly find myself doing something i'm not confident or have been wanting to try but have not done yet. Thinking of this sometimes makes me feel lousy cause i have the 'I can't' attitude at time and always think that theres someone to push me. Worries of me now and the future is depressing but its something i am not doing about. And so this cycle repeats itself. 'Free like the wind' was what caught me more than myself, i have and i will not worrying and start doing and enjoying the moments now. And hopefully, achieve more than i hope. Thanks to uzy for this picture.
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Sunday, 10 May 2009

Where did my civilian life go?

This is a whole new experience in my life being in the army, as i am told specifically to not disclosed any information related to the defence of singapore. I can only tell you that i'm really tired and i need more sleep!!! I just miss sitting at a windy area and enjoy good tea/coffee and reading my book. Hope there will soon be more time for that.
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Tuesday, 14 April 2009

The last night of freedom.

I know i haven't been blogging for quite some time, and that is because i've been working, enjoying and slacking every second i count before i go in to the army. Its kinda weird feeling, knowing you'll be in there for 3 weeks. So I spend my last few days trying ym very best to enjoy and make full use of the time. Hence, we went out on our last night of freedom gathering today and yesterday!!! Thanks guys for celebrating with us!
I climbed up the slope to see the beautiful cityline, thanks M for recommending it! I get to slide down too!
I was browsing through the newspaper to day just to see a familar face: my junior suffers from a condition called aplastic anemia (i hope i got it right) and she needs to find a suitable bone marrow donor and that is like looking for a needle in a haystick, but i'm so glad that she is living in hope and is joyful always! Please help if you can by testing whether you are a suitable donor or not, i have asked for details and will get it posted soon.
In preparation of the army, the fear i have of leaving home is the probabilty of my cousins/friends/whoever touching my precious scrapbook tool and expensive gadgets! Funny or not, I actually locked up anything (this includes my new crop-a-dile!) i fear will go into the wrong hands and put loads of notices in my scrapbook tools drawer and give strict warnings on it. I had an incident long ago, where they actually took out my inkpads and stamp them all over the paper, this of course results in drying inkpads!!! ARGH! So i lock it all up now! This is one of the things i will miss seeing in singapore, lovely sunrise! Look at the colours! Its so beautiful! My cousin and I took the photo while going to pray for my grandparents! well, I will be share my military experience with you ppl in 3 weeks time!!! :)
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Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Roll the dice.

Playing cluedo just got more hi-tech. And no, the games stays the same(we are not finding the murder through state of the art technology.) But, the process of finding out clues just got more fun! We no longer need to use the dice to move about the different rooms!

You'll see what i'm talking about: I got a new ipod touch joining to my gadget family about a month ago and her name is terylene! Super happy to own this little thing that can serve the net and allow to watch movies and listen to music on the go, what's more, it totally look like a iphone. I kinda pretend it is one! Back to the topic: I installed a roll dice application which you have to shake my ipod to roll the dice. How fun is that!

Meanwhile, I have been good by scrapping and using the papers I have bought to submit a layout for a competition at my workplace. I do not know whether they allow me to post this here, but you can peek at this closeup or choose to go and find me and look at my layout! Haha...

Still, not forgetting that I have a huge mess left at my table and I haven't clear it at all. Plus, you are looking at part of it only! Sigh, where is the technology to put my tools back into my drawer, throw my itsy bitsy scraps away, sort the bigger scraps into my scraps folder by colour and arrange my table nicely? It probably will be up to me then.

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Thursday, 5 March 2009


well, its been a long time since I've blogged so I'm just gonna sum up my life in this post. Now, I am pretty happy working in my happy place, weekly shipments are like opening presents but you just have to count them to make sure you get the correct number of presents. (that's what I'm thinking whenever I'm doing stocktaking) then, the displaying before the new arrivals day are like showing off your presents and making sure that NO ONE can touch (or buy) them till the right day! Ha ha... but must say nicely of course. (let's hope this involvement in the scrapping scene can so make me scrapbook!) Mum says that i should have worked there earlier since i like it so much. Well, another reason to work now and be really busy with it, would be because of the release of results! It is making me real nervous, so the only therapy is to work and work and work, and cross my fingers too.
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Friday, 20 February 2009

I scrapped again!

2nd layout of the year! I'm a happy though it was like so much simpler than my usual layouts. This seems so much easier though it still isn't easy to start like the last time. Meanwhile, I'm enjoying my self working at my most happy place in the world, my friend calls it my '2nd home' and this means i am so much closer to the scrapbook scene! Hope for more scrapbook mojo...
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Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Learning from photography.

I have been asked by people I know about photography, how to take photos in what setting, what this means and how it affects your photos and the most important question is how did you learn all this. Well, i started learning photography from my secondary school art teacher i owe her much in helping me discover the joy of photography. And the discovery of scrapbooking even boost my love for photos even further as it combines my childhood interest in crafts and new found love for photography.
I am really not an expert in photography and the first time i hold a DSLR (not mine) i did a pretty sucky job as a "paid"photographer from very friendly fellow scrapbookers but i did not give up. Looking for inspiring always keep me intersted in photography. Here's some websites i would like to share (hope that is doesn't count as copyright infringement):
The photos that mostly amaze people are photos from newpapers and magazines and this website is outstanding in telling a story by showing a picture for an event happening. Something that interest me would be hpw these photos could mean so much. The high resolution photos made it more atonishing.
This is another photographer which goes around taking photos which i totally admires. He kinda inspires me to hold that huge black heavy gadget and be so proud of it. Being name a family photographer means a lot now. Loads of my friends want to take shots that are candid or natural but it is hard to get: this website shows that you can.
Without doubt, a female photographer who share knowledge on photography, loads to learn from her blog. Don't know what the hell is aperture? Here you know.
another scrapbooker+photographer: my role model!
A wedsite that i subscribe to my e-mail as it has loads and loads of crazy ideas to share and fun tricks to learn! basically, a website that any photographer cannot miss!

Okay. That's it. Perhaps next time i'll share my own tips on photography if i have any. :) Pin It

Monday, 26 January 2009


Been cleaning my room, and clearing away clutter and organising stuffs and re-cleaning again and painting my door and re-cleaning again till I'm satisfied. Apparently, there is just soo much to do to prepare the Lunar New Year! I don't remember that happening last year because i did not touch any of my scrapbook stuffs due to piling school work. The only thing i did was stuffing in all my notes into the cupboard, away from cleanliness-conscious eyes, and it did look clean that time, but this year it was done more thoroughly and with hard work. I even bought some new stuffs to organise my scrapbook stuffs!
animated origami
Here's something I had no time to present to you guys until now: A really challenging origami that is made up of 12 pieces! I think its called modular origami, and its fantastic! You can push the centre of the origami to reveal a new pattern and be "pushed" again and again. I'm not very good at explaining how it works but you can see the photo animation i made above and you'll know what i mean! A very special thanks to a very inspiring and good-instructions-follower ex-teacher who never gives up in this kind of fun challenge! It took us around 2 hours to finally get the hold of piecing it together, after that, I could even remember the steps! That's why i did this one in colour paper so it could be seen clearly!
I have more to posts about this exciting new year which the fun together with such a Huge family never stops. (on the first day of new year, I already visited 8 houses! no kidding!)
I wish everyone a very happy and prosperous year in the year of the Ox!

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Thursday, 22 January 2009


The trip to getting around Singapore was fun. Initially, Xuyun had planned a whole lot of route on Google Maps and show me loads of alternative routes around Singapore. But, we had a big gap in the viewpoint of cycling as he wanted a more fast on-the-road kind and i definitely prefer the safe-old foot/cycle paths.
He changed his mind and worked out a different route and came out with a "challenge" for himself. Cycle on a unicycle the whole way. A crazy idea but it was interesting to see many heads turn around when we cycle and questions were asked when we stopped. The unicycle have me going nuts whenever he falls and tries to mount as a loud crash could be heard and a huge relief to see him unscratched.

We had loads to see as we were using the park connector which started from my estate and I never ever knew it existed! But its never too late to explore Singapore. An account of Xuyun i took from facebook: "haha oh we just followed the park connector from bishan to kallang, then kallang, anyhow whack. use iPod's maps function to find our way there. End up there, then turn back. Had dinner at Carl's Junior then went back. FUN!!!"

I totally agreed with him! It was totally FUN!! The one thing i need to thank is the power of the itouch! sad that it didn't have a built in compass. Although, the park connector (PCN) is swift easy and fun to travel in, the steps sometimes requires you to travel by carrying your bike. (not good at all) All overhead bridge had a side slope (see the left picture) to assist you in moving your bike up or down, however, there one bridge without that so i had to carry it. But overall, it was fun, even meet with angie, eio and shawn at east coast park. (ECP) Hoping for more trips like this!

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Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Scrapbook Mojo.

Created a nice accordian album for my 2 friends where one of them had a recent birthday celebration. its been super duper long since my last scrapbook attempt (that is, my christmas cards) and I just can't get the energy and spirit started. So this album pretty much got me happy and going. But still, other things needs to be done.

My first time doing an accordian album really, cause i never had the chance to actually do one for myself.

Took me the whole afternoon to make it actually and i had to rush and be half an hour late for the celebration, but still it was totally worth it! I'm glad she totally liked it and some wanted to call me to make one, but i just don't know i can do this good. this make me think of selling cards. Love making them... hmmm... who will buy from me?

Hidden photo slot and flip up was one of the ways to make it better.
Hoping to make more scrapbook layouts and projects soon. I have loads and loads of stuffs to post online. Till then!

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Wednesday, 7 January 2009

this side up.

I thought this would take after 2009 to recieve but instead it came on the last few days of 2008. Totally anxious to see how this thing costs so much for a book. By far, the most expensive book i have ever ever bought. And it was better than expected to have so great packaging and embellishments. I must say that my favourite author did a great job!
I am still reading more books and lazing around the house without a job. Sigh, frictional unemployment.

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