Thursday, 10 December 2009


Here's how it looks it you want to see the whole picture. I can't talk so typing is a good way now to express myself. I look okay from the outside but actually feeling the pain and i'm living on painkiller making sure that i'm taking them on time if not i'll feel the pain even if i'm not swallowing. hence, the pain is little unbearable such that i'll hold on to something and brace myself while i prepare to swallow.
I woke up early this morning after all the dizzyness to see this note. use tissues! haha... sorry for the blood stains! i'm tired even now, though i feel that i've rested enough. the show glee is really nice to watch during the afternoon and i have pints of ice-cream to eat since the doctor recommended it. (i wouldn't say 'no' to ice-creams) let me rest first and while i sort out the whole fizzy procedure of my surgery.

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