Sunday, 29 August 2010


I love ice-cream. so very much. It became part of my life. eating it when i'm happy, sad, stressed out or too relaxed. Haha, yes, i'm kind of a ice-cream junkie. These 2 shop brand seems to be the top of the notch in the ice-cream world where people start to rate the no. of special flavours they have. which i totally recommend you to try. I never fail to tell the ice-cream vendor that i finish ice-cream within a month. and with a big spoon. That's it. 
These are the cards i made quite a few months ago for my friends for their birthdays. These cards remind me that i'm still in touch with scrapbooking. However, i haven't churn out a scrapbook page for this year and didn't even complete my scrapbook album. perhaps its time to go for lessons now? i need my life back. its really sad now with so many politics that just make me fear to do any political science electives in my future university course. So hard to keep up my own creative life which i slipping away further and further from me. and worse of all, i bought a cutter machine and so far i only made only 2 cards with it, you can see one of it here with the Fred Perry logo. which was pretty tedious. but i think my friend doesn't appreciate it. Oh well, time to jump start my creative life! In the sporty side, i haven't worked out for more than a month! horrible. with half marathon next month and a triathlon following that. Im so dead.
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Sunday, 23 May 2010



My very first long distance race: the 3km swimathon by Tri-factor at sentosa which was really scary for me as they had make sure you are really competent to swim in the sea which i know i'm totally not when i survive all the while in the camp's swimming pool which basically had nobody in. The competency test was required ad i couldn't find any qualifications that shows that i have swam more than 1.5km which i did before. I got head-on butt and suffered kicks in various parts of the body that i'm embrassed to mention during the time trial. However, the actual race got me pretty frustrated as i couldn't swim in the really straight line and the waves coming in from the side didn't helping much either as i kept drifting out the guiding line. my tongue stings a lot when i finish the first 750m of the race which would be solved with gargling mineral water and the whole cycle happens again in the next round as well as the next. I was kinda intimidated by "professional looking" people wearing real expensive swimming gear but the fear got away once i pass some of them. it shows thats you only need yourself to survive and overcome others in the race. ranked 70 out of 127 in 01:08:57.850.

My 2nd long distance race: the 25km passion run which i ran with my collegues was gruelling. Thank goodness for the waterpoints set-up at different parts of the race. I drowned myself with tons of 100plus to prevent cramps which i know would come once i stop. so i never did once stop and just grab two and ran. Ice mountain water means its a quick drink and a shower over my head. I did test a bit of gastric juices on the race and kept burping as i was really bloated from the water i drank. With high hopes of finishing the race, some posters along the way of ECP didn't help like the one outside the national sailing centre which reads: you think this is hard? Try sailing. But personally, with a wee bit of experience in saling during childhood, a marathon wins hands down on toughness. finished in 2 hours and 27 minutes.

More races to join this year, any interested race companions? (Hence, more broke. Marathons costs a bomb.)

As usual, card making is still the only way to get in touch with scrapbooking. Hope to make more all the time. sigh. Probably need to join some scrapbooking race to complete more projects.
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Sunday, 11 April 2010



 I love watching fireworks so much that i forget to take photos of them. extremely happy for my friends right now as they have finished their poly exams and will be having some off time and deserved rest soon. I miss talking to them and meeting up, its been 3 months already. Being in this job scope is so hard to just take some time off and do enjoy getting together with old friends. this year things are getting way different- unappreciative work, boring chores and routine.  Now, i'm on duty serving the country alone on this supposely recreational day.feeling ever so lonely and having so many things on my mind causing sleepless and hopeless when you are drifting away and some random but seemly important thought goes through your mind and wake you up again. I put off posting so many stuffs such that having pretty much nothing to say and this year isn't a postive one to work with, making it all the worse time ever.
This year however, i did something really really unexpected: i am signing up for trialthon and a 3km swimathon with a few half marathons to go as well. A really tough decision that cause yet another sleepness night, but finally i decided that this was the right time. if not now, then when? but my time trail is coming- 24 apr and actual on 5 may which made me a little worried with duties and things to do for the nation. so missing talking to people i missed. driving test this month also makes it more hectic. Hoping to scrap more this year when i get a all-powerful motivating tool (having this tool already have given me insomnia.) Now, i'm just going with the flow. sorry if you don't understand what i'm talking. i'm drifting away again.
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Tuesday, 19 January 2010

I spend too much time on facebook!!!

Haha.... i made this at facebook too! such a good reminder on how much time we are spending, using our facebook. Updating status. Checking other people's status. Uploading photos and the list goes on. There just so many people to using facebook and so many addicted to it. Even now, i am using FB when i'm not in camp. oh well, its the FB craze right now.... Pin It

Friday, 15 January 2010

Why was i really busy....

...i was helping my friend make a book. its been such a long time since i made a mini book for someone else. I thought it was something i owe it to him since he has been helping back in 2009. This year would be a tough one and more help will be required. the first 2 weeks is quite a ride with sooo many things happening such that i have to prepare myself mentally and physically. I seriously miss creating and enjoying time with my friends. right now, they are already spending the whole day boresighting their equipment as i post this. surprisingly, i actually hoped i could join them to suffer. but i have to choice, they have to suffer overseas only. i have endure this in whatever  location. sigh, i feel like killing those that put me in this state like seriously. people see me smiling and laughing, i try to do it the very best i can. but how long can it last? and right now, then is no one i can rant about it because they are all overseas. sigh. my favourite phrase these 2 weeks: something is wrong here. this phrase is constantly off and on in my mind as i explain to whoever, work-related or not. I keep telling some how lucky they are being here and how experienced the rest are, but i just can't seem to convince myself no matter how convinced they seemed to be adter i tell them. I keep seeing the bad side of people there, the mean streak and negative aspects of them, though i try my best to look at the better. i have seen some but seeing isn't making me believe in doing the same way. Oh well, I am doing the PT with them next week. 
another time for my disappointment.
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Sunday, 10 January 2010


Stuffs i did while i was sick: reading. there was tons and tons of books i haven't finish but these are one of those good reads that were borrowed, bought and even given as a present. Thanks for the good recommendations and reads i had. especially, the steve toltz novel where i was curious as to why my friends are LOL in the bunk alone while reading the good. and so, it was passed on until i was the 3rd to read it. great thanks to Z.H, will return when i have the time to finish it.
A walk to remember was another great book, i found glenn having the same book while i still had it. The last lecture was provoking in thoughts where i realise that childhood dreams can lead to so many things. and also, one must be real positive about life. I got a lot of brickwalls i have yet to conquer.
 till then.
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Friday, 8 January 2010


one of those stuffs that i forgot to tell you guys about. the spirit of giving last year. while being sick, i managed to select a few good photos and pack them accordingly into albums for my god-mum and my aunt, also a few made for the families of my neices and nephews. I had to the family events at 2009 is sure great and i bet no one wants to forget that. Before i joined the army, i appiled back to my job in MWL and realise that it was a great choice. I enjoyed every single moment of it. even when i was totally stressed out, i knew many people appreciated the help and tips i've given them and i in turn, made a LOT of friends that share the same interest as I do.

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Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Cards and such.....

i made a few cards for my good friends while suffering as a trainee. I took the opportunity to make for them but i forgot 1 person that should thank too! so sorry my friend! give me time, okay? let see, i give you after i ORD?
right now, things are REALLY sucky. back from M.C, and there is many many things to teach and learn, i am pretending i know what i'm teaching but i am kinda unsure! seriously pissed off with people that wants to rage a war with me at the start of 2010.

things like these wouldn't happen. It should be ONWARDS! and so, i am putting in my bestest (there's no such word, only exist in army) effort to teach my men and put in more time to learn from the gun. ha, i am taking note with them and i think they seriously enjoy me being there learning with them. I think it makes them feel like inferior. That's a good thing, hopefully i be less of an ass to keep punishing and talking like a old uncle. I pass the word limit to talk for today by a LOT. more post to come. if i'm free.

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Sunday, 3 January 2010

done packing...

... but not ready to go. By the way, a happy 2010 to you!!! lets just hope its the same for me when i'm back. Its too bad 2009 is over and no point getting sad as time does not turn back for you. A beginning, so its a new hope. Pin It