Sunday, 10 January 2010


Stuffs i did while i was sick: reading. there was tons and tons of books i haven't finish but these are one of those good reads that were borrowed, bought and even given as a present. Thanks for the good recommendations and reads i had. especially, the steve toltz novel where i was curious as to why my friends are LOL in the bunk alone while reading the good. and so, it was passed on until i was the 3rd to read it. great thanks to Z.H, will return when i have the time to finish it.
A walk to remember was another great book, i found glenn having the same book while i still had it. The last lecture was provoking in thoughts where i realise that childhood dreams can lead to so many things. and also, one must be real positive about life. I got a lot of brickwalls i have yet to conquer.
 till then.
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