Friday, 15 January 2010

Why was i really busy....

...i was helping my friend make a book. its been such a long time since i made a mini book for someone else. I thought it was something i owe it to him since he has been helping back in 2009. This year would be a tough one and more help will be required. the first 2 weeks is quite a ride with sooo many things happening such that i have to prepare myself mentally and physically. I seriously miss creating and enjoying time with my friends. right now, they are already spending the whole day boresighting their equipment as i post this. surprisingly, i actually hoped i could join them to suffer. but i have to choice, they have to suffer overseas only. i have endure this in whatever  location. sigh, i feel like killing those that put me in this state like seriously. people see me smiling and laughing, i try to do it the very best i can. but how long can it last? and right now, then is no one i can rant about it because they are all overseas. sigh. my favourite phrase these 2 weeks: something is wrong here. this phrase is constantly off and on in my mind as i explain to whoever, work-related or not. I keep telling some how lucky they are being here and how experienced the rest are, but i just can't seem to convince myself no matter how convinced they seemed to be adter i tell them. I keep seeing the bad side of people there, the mean streak and negative aspects of them, though i try my best to look at the better. i have seen some but seeing isn't making me believe in doing the same way. Oh well, I am doing the PT with them next week. 
another time for my disappointment.
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