Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Cards and such.....

i made a few cards for my good friends while suffering as a trainee. I took the opportunity to make for them but i forgot 1 person that should thank too! so sorry my friend! give me time, okay? let see, i give you after i ORD?
right now, things are REALLY sucky. back from M.C, and there is many many things to teach and learn, i am pretending i know what i'm teaching but i am kinda unsure! seriously pissed off with people that wants to rage a war with me at the start of 2010.

things like these wouldn't happen. It should be ONWARDS! and so, i am putting in my bestest (there's no such word, only exist in army) effort to teach my men and put in more time to learn from the gun. ha, i am taking note with them and i think they seriously enjoy me being there learning with them. I think it makes them feel like inferior. That's a good thing, hopefully i be less of an ass to keep punishing and talking like a old uncle. I pass the word limit to talk for today by a LOT. more post to come. if i'm free.

P.S: I would like to thank all well wishes during my medical leave and all the goodies they've given me. esp the haagen daz. my Fave.
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