Saturday, 14 April 2007

I will need a break.

stinking homework (They say its 5 cm high.) and many notes to study. Thank u my swimming buddies. and thank you everyone for your accompany for my next 1 and 1/2 years of tortur. though some aren't that friendly. :(

Attending the BPS apeech day, and met many teachers i've missed. I thank my teachers for their inspring talk and encouragements.

Right now, I will need a break. (not from blogging i guess, can't wait for my new cam!) Pin It

Saturday, 7 April 2007

For the second time.

Yes. The second time i got to redang Island. But, this isn't the second time i tried to upload the picture before my lousy computer fails me. (probably the 7th. the one more thing that makes me hate to blog.) Watching the sun rise and set, feeling the sand in your toes, picking up beautiful shells, count the stars at night and swimming the salty water. Very enjoyable and addictive. I really enjoyed it for the second time with more people, more the fun!
Sad to say, i didn't have a camera with me, except for a really lousy waterproof disposeable camera with 27 shots which only came out 23 in the printing.

Here's one of my favourite where i got the chance to use my very talented cousin's camera featuring the usual two young cousin playing in the water during the last day.
Here's one we took during one of our very fun snorkeling trip where we get to see beautiful corals and fishes. we even found a sea cucumber!

<"you've come to the very last photo of me" yes. the end of it. However, you can click here or the title to go to the album to view the photos which including a photo we just got of our last years trip to look for sharks. and my encounter with nemo, but not dory :( Hope to go there again to smell the sea breeze.

P.S: I've changed my e-mail to
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to those ppl who commented: eoin: you know why.
seri: hi there... you not suppose to know this. shhh...!
Jeff: i know swim team ppl do this kind of thing. I'm weird. Just get use to it. Pin It