Friday, 16 February 2007

Life without a camera...

is tough. Its a hard fact to live with. no charging up batteries, no photo printing. no new photos. (and here's some old ones.)

A pretty old project i didn't show. I bought from diaso to put my larger embellishments.
This project is still underway. its been left in a little plastic box and left untouched. Reason: Procastination. But well, i'll blame the camera for not working and prevent me from printing the photos.
Ah.... PLAY.
I made these from mahjong tiles when i was bored from the chalet last year. They were pretty lazy and didn't want to print pictures.... sigh. i even went out myself for a cycle for a few hours.

There bowling, kinda like bowling now. I was bowling with my friends for every tuesday. FUN.

New year is coming real soon and i am now cleaning My stuffs. Hope to have a camera pretty soon! Pin It

Tuesday, 6 February 2007


The first thing here is to put some positive things, right? Look at the photo to your left! That is taken by my cousin, Zoey! I must give her the credit, I have being seeing things from my point of photographic view, i sometimes lose myself to look at things in another way, (though we are taking the very same object.) I love bringing my cousins out to look for things, and i really must remind her to bring her camera.
Yes. I'm not blogging much. Well, the main reason for this is me being lazy (man, i wish i had another excuse!) I probably had not done many things i ought to do. Listing them out: cleaning my room, scrapping more, sorting out my computer files, and... blogging.
I somehow lost my energy (am i blaming it right?) in putting myself into working those stuffs. I seemed not in the mood for everything except for readng books and some mindless comics. I'm not working, not making myself worker harder.
To make things very much worse, my camera is offically broken (or shall i say, spoilt?) and i have nothing to help record my daily life. My cousin-in-law is probably lending me his, but i'm not putting on very high hopes. and you must know, no photos, no blogging.
I have a superb time looking though photos in my repaired computer, though they are not quite arranged. i see a host of grainy, underexposed, or overexposed, out of focus photos, but that's okay. I have nice ones too, sometimes i need to leave perfection. Thing can't always be perfect and so is life. I have to stop looking myself as a super good technical photographer telling how people should take their photo. (sorry, sharmaine!) I start looking at details.
And sometimes, i challenge myself to take more photos, here <<< i had to climb over a low barier near the sea and almost cause a slip but i took great photos there.

Hmm... to end this off. I have being cycling around and hoping to toughen myself up a bit, i seemed to like cycling, but very soon, i'm gonna go learn kayaking. Anyone interested???
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