Friday, 16 February 2007

Life without a camera...

is tough. Its a hard fact to live with. no charging up batteries, no photo printing. no new photos. (and here's some old ones.)

A pretty old project i didn't show. I bought from diaso to put my larger embellishments.
This project is still underway. its been left in a little plastic box and left untouched. Reason: Procastination. But well, i'll blame the camera for not working and prevent me from printing the photos.
Ah.... PLAY.
I made these from mahjong tiles when i was bored from the chalet last year. They were pretty lazy and didn't want to print pictures.... sigh. i even went out myself for a cycle for a few hours.

There bowling, kinda like bowling now. I was bowling with my friends for every tuesday. FUN.

New year is coming real soon and i am now cleaning My stuffs. Hope to have a camera pretty soon! Pin It

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