Thursday, 27 December 2012

Anna's Event with papermarket

Had a pretty good time making this layout and just learning the technique to creating a messy fun chunky layout. added loads of mediums and embellishments into it! and i included a signature from the lady herself!
Here's a close up for the layout! Love how I added so much stuffs into it! Great fun!
Possibly hoping she would come again next year! hur hur hur!!!

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Thursday, 20 December 2012

Achievement Unlocked.

Got another BIGGER assignment to complete when I came back from Hong Kong and was left there even before my exams! Finally its completed. My room was at the peak of its messiness state EVER. I think my friend luke was thinking that scrapbooking is no funny business after he spent an afternoon helping me cut and paste which was actually "simple". But it is glad to have another guy's perspective on how this hobby is more than its superficial level of cutting and pasting with so much involved.

Here's a look at its state and this is actually the cleanest part of my project. I had backache working on the floor and I think i trained every part of my muscle leaping over the boards to take stuffs, reaching over and stretching out to take my scissor, glue and whatever.

I am pretty shocked at how the final design would look like. I even added my own making memories speciality glaze on the title (which you can't see)

I'll have to say that adding the newspaper articles took me time to read especially the chinese newspapers, figuring out whether to add it into the school's history board. Nevertheless, it is major fun working with such beautiful photos. 

 If you see this photo you will realise the amount to fussy cutting I had to do, incredible.

With 2 nights working past 4am, I counted that the amount of work estimated 

2.5 bottles of beacon glue
>45 hours 
60 photos 
80 pieces of cardstock, glitter and pattern paper
400ml of mod-podge

wow.  This is tiring.
If there is like levels of scrapbooking, I would say:

~achievement UNLOCKED~

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