Saturday, 28 July 2012


Sorry for the long wait for a new blog post.

Riding on the trend on smash books. Love the idea.

I recently did my smash book which i forgot to post on my blog! Here it is!!! I use quite a lot of funny knick knacks and stuffs to cover the front! Added UTEE in front too! Love it a lot!

Here are some of the pages I did. Tons of doodling and writing. (which i hardly ever like to write on any of my scrapbook pages) and also did quite a few pictures. i printed like 100 over collages pictures (so it should have like 300 individual pictures if I cut them up! Loads and loads to do and there just not enough time!

Really glad to be able to keep doing more and more pages and keep doodling! Busy time ahead I feel. Till next time. :D

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