Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Scrapbook Mojo.

Created a nice accordian album for my 2 friends where one of them had a recent birthday celebration. its been super duper long since my last scrapbook attempt (that is, my christmas cards) and I just can't get the energy and spirit started. So this album pretty much got me happy and going. But still, other things needs to be done.

My first time doing an accordian album really, cause i never had the chance to actually do one for myself.

Took me the whole afternoon to make it actually and i had to rush and be half an hour late for the celebration, but still it was totally worth it! I'm glad she totally liked it and some wanted to call me to make one, but i just don't know i can do this good. this make me think of selling cards. Love making them... hmmm... who will buy from me?

Hidden photo slot and flip up was one of the ways to make it better.
Hoping to make more scrapbook layouts and projects soon. I have loads and loads of stuffs to post online. Till then!

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