Tuesday, 6 January 2009

new upgrades to paige a.k.a my camera!

Went to Funan I.T mall to look at some stuffs for my camera and a new computer headphones (equipped with a mircophone!) I eventually bought 2 new stuffs: A new polarising filter and a camera romote control which would defintely improve my photo taking skills. You can see how helpful the filter is on helping to reduce the reflected light or increase the intensity of the blues! (these 4 photos aren't edited.)

Who knew remote control can be so fun?
1. I was trying on the camera remote control when my brother walks past.
2. I demostrate the use of it.
3. he looks at the little plastic thingy while i told him that it can let you shoot as far as 5 metres.
4. he starts trying on it.
5. he attempts to shoot at a higher angle
6. he proving that the statement for the product is true.
7,8,9. He sees how far can he go using the remote.

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