Monday, 26 January 2009


Been cleaning my room, and clearing away clutter and organising stuffs and re-cleaning again and painting my door and re-cleaning again till I'm satisfied. Apparently, there is just soo much to do to prepare the Lunar New Year! I don't remember that happening last year because i did not touch any of my scrapbook stuffs due to piling school work. The only thing i did was stuffing in all my notes into the cupboard, away from cleanliness-conscious eyes, and it did look clean that time, but this year it was done more thoroughly and with hard work. I even bought some new stuffs to organise my scrapbook stuffs!
animated origami
Here's something I had no time to present to you guys until now: A really challenging origami that is made up of 12 pieces! I think its called modular origami, and its fantastic! You can push the centre of the origami to reveal a new pattern and be "pushed" again and again. I'm not very good at explaining how it works but you can see the photo animation i made above and you'll know what i mean! A very special thanks to a very inspiring and good-instructions-follower ex-teacher who never gives up in this kind of fun challenge! It took us around 2 hours to finally get the hold of piecing it together, after that, I could even remember the steps! That's why i did this one in colour paper so it could be seen clearly!
I have more to posts about this exciting new year which the fun together with such a Huge family never stops. (on the first day of new year, I already visited 8 houses! no kidding!)
I wish everyone a very happy and prosperous year in the year of the Ox!

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