Sunday, 24 February 2008

Our Bid for the Olympics.

In 2 years time, singapore will host the youth olympic games. How cool is that! well, all effort is paid off and I was really surprised to see that so many people (around 50,00) is at the padang to await the moment where the aunnocement is made. It was quite fun actually great performances and motivators to hyper up the place.

I forgot to bring my camera so I only used my phone to take the pics... the atmosphere there was pretty amazing....that's what happens when loads of young people come together.

Sadly, we were placed somewhat at the last row so we couldn't really feel that much of the energy.... but we had fun. I pretty much wanted to stay a little later to have some more fun but many were eager to go home and study.

The video below is taken when the president of the olympics anounnced the news. Sorry for the shaking... caused by the people jumping with joy at the temporary audience stand.

P.S:This college life is darn boring... I feel a little stupid and sad to stay outside of the hall while J1s enjoy (or some don't) the "concert" to wait for them to finsih and have dinner with them. My poor friend was used as a bait to show others that we are restricted. (the school wanted to expel him!) Well, this school have no life at all... I wonder why i managed to stay here and ot go crazy.

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  1. Hey Terence, thankx for posting a video and sharing the mood at the padang that day! I was not able to go as our family had a dinner to celeb the last day of CNY. Glad I cud tune in to yr little clip!