Tuesday, 4 March 2008

tuesday :(

On a sad note, Deborah is leaving for ploy. But she left a super nice board, hand drawn of all the people in the class except her. :(

I realised my blog has been much less about my hobby... been doing other stuffs for other people and focusing on school work, i found these 3 cards that were made in minutes to give on teachers' day for my secondary school teachers which was not given due to the long college hours!!!
Here's some other "scrapbooking" stuffs... the swim team board for the school... the star pattern paper and paper die cuts by scenic route which is my recently discovered SB company that has really nice stuffs! But its sad to say that no one appreciates hard work in this school.... only want things done, but take no action.... stop demanding. :(

Okay.... time for homework! :(
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