Thursday, 27 March 2008

family album

SIGH... a tough time right now, looking at results. after studying ever so hard for econs, i still failed and the marks is sooooooo close to passing. the inaquate time to study physics to make more time for econs also reap not-as-good-as-expected results. despite passing, GP isn't that comforting either. so frustrating.

a quick posting before i get to my work: this was probably done months ago, putting them up to remind me that i have to print more photos for this album. you can see the previous pages here.

my favourite page of the whole album... which quite linked to the cover photo of the album. here's the journal:

“Other things
may change us,
But we start and end
with family.”
anthony brandt

Relationships create the fabric of our lives. Thus, keeping all memories about relationships starts with family. Meeting at every opportunity possible deepens the bond between us. We know things about each other: what we food we love, things we do or stuffs we hate. And it is all recorded here. It’s a fact that this album is not finished and will never be. (Unless there is a run out on page protectors or the album simply can’t hold anymore pages.) Many cherished moments and fun times are kept in this large brown album. Enjoy.
January 2008
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