Saturday, 2 June 2007

6 months later...

... I finally finished the work, though i bought transparent plastic photo frame for more than 8 months and the idea came up to me for more than a year.

well, procrastination is a really bad thing.

and so, after going out for 2 weeks. (pre-university seminar and Outward Bound) I had the opportuntiy to give him the present last night when 3 of us (sharmaine, gershwin and me) went out for a impromptu movie. (shrek 3)
We Planned to trick him that he wouldn't get his present that day and so I pretended that i forgotten to bring his present. (after 6 monthas of wait, whats one more day of waiting?)

He fell into the trap. (we are very convincing actors you know.) and i gave shar to pass him the present while i take the pictures.
And there you got it. 6 months later. Pin It

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