Friday, 25 May 2007

Great News.

Remember this camera? I'm holding on to this camera now. I could FINALLY take shoots, but currently my old camera battery isn't co-operating! I would like to persoanlly thank natalie's daddy (which is my cousin-in-law) for generously donating his well-taken care of and fully operational camera. I thank you.
Upon getting the computer, i load what i had left off 6 months ago- the photos i took before everything went wrong.

And here it is.

Its so fun taking all those shots of their action and facial expressions in a very fun and well-lit area.

Tjis is one of my favourite, playing with the baby and taking photos of it!
Here's another one of my favourites, i've never had taken a picture better than this one of him!
Now, this cheeky little boy is not stopping the fun, are you?

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