Friday, 11 May 2007

Help to Create on national Scrapbook day.

Estelle called for help. And there i did it. No photos from myself but i'm defintely look forward to post the final product. Laying with the stuffs i had, we made a good album like my 'biennale album' in less than 2 hours!!! She forgot to print to photos and we had to run down to print last minute. It was a rush, counting the fact that it was national scrapbook day. ( i went to MWL soon after.)
Here it is, aluminium with dymo... fun!!!! You could see how i heated up the aluminium to give the colours... and that playful estelle was almost burning my papers, i had to keep it away from her!

Here's her playing with my famous roon swing!

And the doodle book i owe her... just crossing my fingers and hope she isn't doodling too much and get this book conficated!

oh well, i busy time for me. I'll be help Xuyun with an album like this soon... check it out!

Note: all photos and video are taken from her blog.

Haha.... to estelle: scrapbook is ONE word! Pin It

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