Friday, 24 November 2006

Vivo City Trip

Yes... this is the first time everyone of us is getting there. Spending family time is indeed enjoying! It was quite crowded there, we had to really squeeze from place to place.

It was fun... and also a time for me to take out my point-and-shoot! I love this photo, using the spotlight in the lobby. This was always how i get my inspiration from, i observe. Once i get to imagine the look of a photograph, i take out my camera like a cowboy in a gun duel. and there it is, a perfect shot. I think my family understood very clearly this rule: not taking photos is a BIG NO-NO. and they got hole of their poses really well.

And somehow, some photos are always unexpected, like this one, where we were looking for this two girls as they are playing the water, she repiled with that look when we told them of the search. and yes, unexpect, right at the second, i pushed my shutter button, and i got it... well done!

this photo had my camera pretty risky, i hold out my camera out of the edge (as you can see) to get the look, which i had experimented with my previous shots in the same conditions.

take camera take a pretty quick skill too, i had to place my active little cousin up this pink sulpture and take many shots as possible int hat short amount of time, for fear that she may topple off.. and indeed, she handed her poses pretty well too. it seems like all my family are models, and very experience one too, i have to admit that they are so much better than me posing myself on the camera, i need practise.

well, this week is hectic... and thanks aqiah for dropping by, you sparked me to update! well, i have to go collect my 186 photos tommorrow, and fianlly start on a new album. A family album. Pin It

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