Wednesday, 2 August 2006

Not on Focus.

Shoot... busy... really busy... but here some little stuffs even the busiest me would have put up for all to see...

Another card for a the school's running team wanted me to do. I am PAID for it... ! woohoo! I've quite some time doing this hoping not to disappoint my customers...! Opps, my pay haven't get to me yet...!?! I love those little words stamps and the huge 'T' monogram (which stands for Thanks) by making memories ! Don't you love it..??? 7G patternpapers....i just can't get over it..! I am happy that Ms Mak (my chinese teacher and also one of the customer for this card) was statisfied with it. Really. I took this shot when i am in class... 7 in the morning! So tired.

Here's something you've missed out... SCRAPS contest for youths... its scrapbooking OKAY! By the way, the winner for this event was a first time scrappers who is a male and female.

I am really sad for not joining this competition. ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS! How could have missed it!!! *SOB* Well, on the brighter side, i went socialising with many people including the owner of the scrapbooking cove! Gotta thank eugene from the scrappers loft for that...

Here's a random pic of the one of the works from the competition... sorry...i didn't manage to get more photos... my camera batteries wasn't charged at that time!!!

Did I post this photo yet??? Hope not, love the smiles from everyone of them.... great friends! More post coming up.... (estelle, i'm gonna post a really cool self porait of you.... its really nice!)
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