Monday, 7 August 2006

The old and daily.

As promised... a picture of estelle. This reminds me of: "This picture looks like a scene whereby a girl is holding a camera... this girl looks unprepared when this picture is taken, i guess she didn't notice the person who is hold the camera.....blah..blah" Sigh. I look like i am practising my english oral examination which is this coming friday, please wish me luck when this day comes... i even have to receive my chinese results before that. Sorry estelle, hope u don't be angry with this picture... i want to print it and put it into ur doodle book (which is still under planning due to costly features) I do have to admit.... its the one and only estelle... many people look beautiful without posing....that's why kids does this best the most... Curently, there is a new paper "express yourself contest", estelle please e-mail this picture.... (win $$$ must give me some!) go check out on their website !!!
Scenes at our class P.E on Friday... Everyone was actively particpating in different activites... volleyball, badmintion and the famous football. Its quite hard to hit a ball acuratly, but i bet it will be better with more practise... hope to do this again on Friday! I just can't stop to take pictures... glad no one noticed!

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