Saturday, 26 August 2006

My blog is back at....

12.15 a.m!!! Yes.... finally! I was really happy and shocked with how effective the blogger is when i wrote in the suggestions.... sorry to keep everyone coming back to check on this. I thank and welcome you BACK to this unchanged daily moments back.

I was really excited when blogger came up with a BETA version, i thought it was my chance to change my blog template. Unforunately, problems start to arise as the blogger tools aren't working really well. I was tearing my hair out to keep this blog online, and my stupid computer isn't helping me with it.

I recieved a comment from a SCRAPPING friend who was amazed for what i did and enjoy (scrapbooking , ofc course) i don't know why the comment was deleted!!! But please keep in contact with me! I really want to know your name and the small town you came from!

I don't mind making more scrapping friends from round the world, do add me in your msn at if you want me to link you, do tell me too!

There so much to tell but i hope i don't lose my MOJO in telling my story. Be sure to keep up the many coming updates! Pin It

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