Saturday, 24 December 2005

My gift.

This is a the girl in the scrap page shown. She's real cute, only 5 and she could take this focal picture so maturely, and i love this embellishment made, the big orange shiny 5 below, sweet isn't it, it was when i made a big mistake when i wrote 2004 instead of 2005, i replace the '4' by covering it with a cute '5', notice how it shines, i made is accidently from a normal cutout 5 and painted on with an orange ( i hate the orginal chipboard colour: dull grey) then i use liquid glue and smeared it over and added a clear embossing power and heated and repeated the procces until i'm happy with it. Nice right? quite easy and beatuiful.
Anyway this is a gift to her for a merry christmas, ( i kinda bias, i onli gave her a present, i didn't make others for the other two, too bad for the season of giving...)

Merry christmas, Everyone!!!
And a happy new year, in case i am lazy to blog and add posts..and also Happy chinese new year! Posted by Picasa Pin It


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