Saturday, 24 December 2005

Creative MESS....

Well, i can't expect much from my room..with small space to work, really bad storages for my scrapbooking item...everythings gone eyelets, brads, papers, scraps, photos, stampset, punches, glue and many more.(afraid to scare or bore u out on its mess) You can call it creative mess, (or beyond the mess) its a real big trouble handling stuffs and putting them back, and its not convient to scrap on my table with stash around me, sometime i even have to work on the floor can you believe it!! I'm really sick of it, i really hope i could be provided bby people with storage solutions, i've looked in quite a few now, from magazines to scrapbooking websites, still with no avail. For those who have seen any wonderful storage for paper 12" by 12" pls contact me thanks!!! Posted by Picasa Pin It

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