Sunday, 9 June 2013

Not just another Sunday

A little recap on my busy 5 months: my third time going to Waikiki organised by the school sports committee and I'll have to say that it was one of the busiest and best time I've had for a long time! Also one of the best time we get to see everyone who has been working out (or not) for this beach event. 

these 2 pretty ladies are going for exchange for the later part of the year I'm probably more alone than ever.... (i think i should wear a cap more often but many diagree.... hmmmmm)

made one of the sweetest card for the lady at her birthday surprise with a melted cake and a lovely card.

Memorable beach times. And in the later part with pies and coffee and great music.

Really enjoyed the music from this amazingly talented acoustic group: Sam willows. You gotta check them out, they even had a tour in america so they are really doing singaporeans proud. 

Got myself 2 CDs and one for a friend. 

More updates soon as I try to work my way out to create more stuffs. So much to say, but there way more to do than I can imagine. More updates soon! 
Leave a comment on what to blog more cause I have too many ideas already! :D

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