Sunday, 9 June 2013

All on focus: Ribbons.

As many of you know, my styles are probably diverse and I love to try out different styles with a wide range of colours and mediums as I can. As a scrapbooker for about 8 years, I guess its pretty much to say that my materials are always the one that inspires me and also sometimes a few techniques taught here and there during my time teaching and shared by other teachers, students and friends.

Today I'm focusing on ribbons. One of the many favourite things to use one a scrapbook layout or even a lovely card to brighten things up. It helps create texture, easy to use and is easy to peel off when u need to reposition your work.

I collated 3 of the layouts I did which had alot of use of ribbons and included a easy to do tutorial! Here's one which I have made previously using cut outs and different ribbons to combine the work.
 Love how the butterfly looks like its floating on the ribbon.

Another layered with the use of different ribbons and peals to work on the layout. Just winding it here and there for an added dimension.

Here's one of the popular ones which many had asked me to share and create a tutorial! 
thanks everyone for loving the ribbon frame that I made and got amazed at how easy it is to create one! Whats more, you can pop this ribbon up to create dimension!

How to create the ribbon frame

I started off with just simple materials:
  1. a transparency which you get get from assorted brands
  2. a shape template: here I use a photo as a template
  3. strong glue (beacons work really well.)
  4. Ribbons!! Assorted thickness and colour would be cool.

I started by putting my template behind my transparency and added glue. Try to work to a consistent line with the glue.

After finishing lining the glue, I added the the ribbon and twisted the ribbon in some parts to add effect and added work.
 Optional step, I added a green twine to create a more interesting effect on the brown ribbon frame. (you could add different thin ribbons if you want too!) This is where the ribbon is great for as you can peel off the ribbon without damaging it and added in the ribbon at certain slots.

Next, Its time to cut out the plastic frame.

Cut out the inside parts of the transparency as well.

Tadah! Your very own ribbon frame! 
You could add it to your layout and even use foam dots to pop it up! :)

Thanks for visiting and I hope you have fun working on with a ribbon frame!

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