Sunday, 3 July 2011

My July Class!

Hi everyone! Thanks to those who attended my class on June! I'm glad all of you loved the layout! It's been fun teaching this month's class! I forgot to blog about this month's class! I have designed and will be teaching this class for the month! I'm sure most of you are gonna enjoy this class also! It's called 'Hey Dude' and there is a small story behind the name of this class! I'm sure the people who know this story is giggling right now!!! Haha, but the main point is that this class will be different with all the manly design! haha!

The sp!oosh brochure you see ust a simple project I helped S make for her uni project. My silhouette needs a new blade! So instead we actually cut out all the pieces for the brochure and it still look professional! This is me below actually which I wasn't aware she was taking a photo of me! This reminds me of all the fear and jitters I am getting for my 3 uni camps this month! I'm worried my brain won't start on me when the semester starts.
*fingers crossed*
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