Saturday, 30 August 2008

What was happening...

After NOT BLOGGIN for months, here's some photos to jot my memory of what i did or see for the past weeks:
blood donation
The college had another one of its blood donation, but sadly, this time had very very few people as we J2s are having prelims soon. But i'm gald that i went college to study and donated blood too! Oh yes, thanks hannah for being there too!
National DAY BBQ
This phenomenon occured on the beach near our family BBQ pit, it came out as a waterspout which is featured in many local articles about it. The newspapers say that it occur once a while near the singapore shores and is of no threat as it would dissapear when nearing to land. However, this time, it became a realtively weak dustdevil.
And we were shocked that the waterspout change to a"sand storm" instead. Although, it WAS short lived when it reach the shores, but it already travelled about 12 metres from the sea line and look at the amount of damage it has caused. tents were destroyed and people were running away from the danger zone at that time. Stuffs were flying all over. The worst part was that it blew up sand which really hurt and cause sand all over us espeically our hair. Luckily, no one was hurt.
The BBQ resumed again but with more excitement as it was a "chance" of a lifetime to experience a "safe nature disaster" and see how nature fights back sometimes. (a reminder to SAVE OUR EARTH.) When we all started back to our BBQ, the rain came, and we had to stop for a while and quickly put shelter over the pit and protect our food. (my dad is really cool at setting up such stuffs.) When the rain stopped, he came back with a blow torch. And wow, the BBQ was started up really quickly! COOL!
loads to see, the helicopters pass the beach too.
Then, in the evening, there was a raindow caused by the rain in the afternoon and also the setting sun. It was beautiful.
Teachers' Day
I spent like 5-6 hours making teachers' day cards. And I as say, its hard to get back on track when you have lose your handcrafting skill for so many months. But still I managed to get it done!
College celebration was interesting at some particular parts but the sad and irritating part was that there wasn't more of it. And the place wasn't big enough to house all of us.
Sadly, i was disppointed at the general group of people who was laughing at some particular perfomances as some sang off-key (you will miss it if you did not listen attentively) or went a little off-beat.

making more of the cards to pass on to some of my secondary school teachers which i did not manage to finish and they kinda expecting it.
Also, i think i'm buying a DSLR, but i'm still considering... Canon EOS 450-D really appeals to me. Sigh... to buy or not to buy? Pin It

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