Friday, 1 August 2008


After rigorous planning and preparation, i finally celebrated my 18th at fish and co! It was PERFECT. The food was great, the people i want to see is there and the reminisce of past event which easily start a whole new conversation! I totally enjoyed it and I'm sure everyone did too.
This is kinda the most touching part, where i was "tricked" into reading a scrapbook journal and unknowingly, the cake came.... wow....! I didn't want them to say any weird cheers or anything but it was too late. Well, at least i didn't have to stand on the chair or something. The kinda sad part was that there wasn't a live band there, but it was fine without it than i thought it would be.
I was quite hyped i guess....kept talking about the cake, cause its really really good. (its tiramisu btw, real good) Everyone finished the cake! It was so sooo good that I eat it whole!! Okay, enough about it.
What more, i received totally amazing presents that was soooo not on my birthday list. Every single present was so thoughtful that i could not get enough of it. One of it was the scrapbook page. Now, who would make me a scrapbook layout when most of the time, I am doing it for other people? wow... they did it. Another I so have to mention is the Royce chocolates which was brought all the way from suntec! I still left 12 pieces of it, out of 20. Too good to eat!
I would like to thank the people who attended my birthday dinner.... in no particular order or what so ever, they are Sinne, Sharmaine, Gershwin, Raphael, Dean, Alvin, Sopheary, Lynn, Amelene and Angeline!

Thanks for such an AMAZING & UNFORGETTABLE 18TH!

Click here for more birthday pictures!
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