Sunday, 16 July 2006

Dudes who HELP.

Yup, this post is decdicated to the guys who help this afternoon, Gerald, Zul, Darren and Markus (left to right) and not forgetting sharmaine (not shown in picture) who left, but helped in a big way too...

We ought to thank these people for contributing so many time to the board in packing those Programme list. It takes 6 people, 300 paper, 400 printed pages, 200 times of stamping, 2 glues, A few hundred yards of golden string to complete in a whole afternoon (that's more than 5 hours)

Not to mention, they did a wonderful job even though they were as tired as me.

I took this picture to mark their recognition into spending their time in helping, while some wanted to go in groups to shopping for clothes, going to homes for fun.

I represent the Council to thank you for the hard work.
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