Friday, 7 July 2006

Negative Thoughts.

Haha... really tired and angry today... maybe today isn't my day.
well, i won't feed you with the boring details but, here's the summary.

Morning: Meeting didn't goes as planned.. came late to school despite the rush. (juniors talked in groups too)
Before Dismissal: Lost my wallet. Found by a nice sec2 malay boy.
Directly After Dismissal: Borrowed a white board marker from Miss Teo, forget to return her.
Shortly After Dismissal: Loads of shouting in council room... very noisy...while i am having a call. Quarrelled with Sylvia. (she's very rude and disrespectful) I left the room with a louder noise, a big loud bang with the councillor room door.
Outside school: Let my poor friends wait. Scolded Joon Kit. (he's very insulting!)
Out: Went out to eat with friends and intended to follow them for a relaxing swim. I even prepared my swimming stuffs, but I backed out at the last decision. (because of english tuition)
At home: Couldn't get sleep... had to rush my homework for english tution but didn't hand up (cos she didn't ask, and no one did.)
Now at home: Super hungry, although i ate a filling early dinner in the car. (Yoshinoya Take-away!)

I am going to stop all my councillor works until something is done that i feel is fair for me. Don't apreciate me? Do it yourself. I am not a push-over, i don't tie your loose strings while you try not to do anything. I am serious.

On a happier Note: More scrapping, I want to give people presents for my birthday...

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