Wednesday, 5 July 2006

March Holidays.

I just found out that i didn't share this layout with you people. It is just one of the layouts i've done during the holidays... Inside incoporates a CD-ROM containing photos! haha... i'm sooooo lazy!!! But innovative of course.... lazy scrapper that is.

There just sooooo much to blog about and soooo little time... school's been super busy and my life's getting tiring... just the 2nd day of school have me totally raising the white flag. Can't scrap and talk more...

Student Council's work has been pouring over me lately.... working on deadlines and pushing people to work for me is really hard... what temporarily power you say? I don't have people work hard... no initiative. All works been on me..
1. clean of council room (it smells)
2. crack in council room
3. painting of council room
4. cleaning of furniture

5.stage backdrop
6. cleaning of furniture
7. programme booklet for guest

Yi wei came to me today and said i am not a board member. fine. I'll see you do it.

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