Tuesday, 18 July 2006

The council room... Before >>> Then >>> Now.

The renovations and intensive clear up, the room was like this. Very bad, out of state condition. Many cleaner complained about the strench to the teachers. Most of them don't care. i suspected the room is smelled of a decomposed food, in the cupboard, the cleaning up was horrible and the strench made people want to vormit. Huge Red Ants were found in the built in cupboard in a cardboard box. Really smelly. Thanks to those Secondary 2 and 3s who suffered as much as I did. A huge major crack was on the wall.

We made it very clear to people for the clean up of the room. It was them, people who cared for the board did it. Some of the people without anknowledgements went putting up the wall putty, despite Estelle and theresa is supposed to do it.
The painting, were Daren was in charge of, came out good. (He was a pure leader.) The painting has been done. He's the 3rd one to clean intensively after the painting job. Well Done! The room no longer reeks of a pee smell. However, the cracks of the walls became a 3D landscrape. Badly Done.
Sharmaine and Sopheary went IKEA to buy the curtains, good one. Tommy went to find drills and put on the curtains. The room was clean enough to say, "home, sweet home."
I shan't say much, see for yourselves, just after a few days... This was in the proccess of getting back to square. You juniors do not aprecciate the room well, after what all the senios have put hard work. Sigh.... how to handle the keys to you?
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