Wednesday, 26 July 2006

Oeuvre III

Sigh... Not being able to go to this school concert. With luck, I handed Amelene Issabell Clarissa Choo (Opps, her full name) my camera, crossing my finger I was hoping the camera would return in one piece and in the same condition. Nevertheless, photos have been taken by her (just like this two) However, due to same personal circumstances, I am not able to put up the pictures, but you can try e-mailing her about it, for those familar with her of course.

Another week... with many tests going on and homework to do, i am still able to blog and make a special book for Ailsa (in the later post) while procastinating my work or burning the mid-night oil to complete. I have been having bad uclers later... Really bad. I can't chew like I like to... probably too much durians. I am tired, off to work. Two tests tommorrow. Posted by Picasa Pin It

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