Monday, 24 July 2006

Allonfocus & me published!

Great and late news! Firstly, My blog has been publicised! Thanks to Anam Stubbington who mentioned about my blog at first, and later, gave a short but entire post as a scrapping guy. Thank you for the people who commented on my blog. I would put links to my blog and view them just with a clcik from my blog. That easy and lazy, probably i am, and also allow other to view them as well! Would any scrapping folks wanna drop me a line at my comments or tagbox? I wouldn't mind making friends from half across the world and link hem in my blog too!

Second Late Late news: For those who were unware of, my pictures in art club had been put up on the BPsians' Handbook, whereby I am 2 of the 4 pictueres in the back cover of the book, thanks for put me on it!

Thanks everyone for your support in me and my blog. (sorry for the bad photos here.)

Thoughts: "Yi wei's birthday is tommorow! Happy sweet 16th! I thought of his present already. Not bought yet. Hope that Ben Gwee buys a cake!" Posted by Picasa Pin It

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