Tuesday, 11 July 2006

Sweet 16? On 13th July.

Haha... i love drinking chinese soup... haha, this one's corn soup..
hmm... i am sure looking out for my favourites this week. as this is my very first birthday in my blog, i will put on 16 wishes.

my wishes.

1. Continue to scrapbook and capture photos of many moments.
2. Become a famous (male) scrapbooker!
3. have a amazingly interesting job (to me), and a statisfactory salary.
4. Getting a new printer, the epson R230. Recommended by scrapping friends.
5. A new scanner! not sure which brand to buy yet.
6. A new and better camera (than the one I 'own' now)
7. Learn and use digital scrapping.
8. Get more scrapbooking stamps preferbly clear ones.
9. Increase my store in scrapbooking, more scrapping tools and materials! ...i'm in short.
10. Change my rooms dirty old cupboard and rearrange for a perfect scrappin room.
11. Get loads of $$ or scrapbooking stuffs for my birthday!
12. get really good good (as in very good!) L1R5 for my 'o's.
13. Edited: Learn to play the guitar well.
14. New meant-for-scrapping bags like the MM tote bag.
15. Loads of haagen daze Ice-cream!!! I love them lots! (if your serious, i love chocolate, strawverry, tiramisu, etc. Still haven't tried the new melon favour yet... *hint hint*)
16. A celebration outing with my friends for lunch and an another good outing resturant with my familes.

haha.. that's 16 for my 16th birthday... hope that this list would not be the same or more in my next year. And i tried not to be that greedy, LOL.. (anyway birthday wishes are meant to be!)
Well, i guess some of them might need some luck or miracles but i guess most of them are like goals I set for myself. Another year of ages means another year of experience.
Okay...for kind-hearted (school/scrappers) friends: I just hope for some hand-made cards, little notes or letter, greetings, a soft pat-in-the-back or a hand shake would come for me for my birthday... *fingers crossed*

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