Monday, 17 July 2006

Investitiure 2006

Its over.... its finally over. I have never been feeling better eversince this day. All goes well, ENDs well. So whate are we now? Mentors, Advisiors? haha... kinda worried about my attendance files duty... My people has done to their very best and I have done to my best abilty to train them.

I love this picture, the lighting is good out big sunlight, although Yiwei looks a bit strange...

Over here we have the 3 heads (literally and figuratively) From left to right: Eoin Ee Wei Hao, Lim Yi Wei, Issac Patrick. Good Luck Mr. patrick.

Woah, too many people in the photos in shan't name them. haha.. see for yourself.

By the way, the 'thank you' card for Mr Sim is in for a competition... haha, cross your fingers! Click here to find out more.
You can also get the rest of the 40 photos here. Because I'm so busy.... tommorrow got chem test, haven't study YET! Go please be patient, upcoming post includes the names of the people, the posts of the exco 2006, the programme List as well as the guest book done by me. (who took the guest book? I haven't take a pic yet!) And also, the room renovations (then and now)... be patient.

I want to express my thanks to eoin, thanks for the letter! Posted by Picasa Pin It

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