Thursday, 20 July 2006

Self-Portrait Challenge

My 3rd Try on
self portrait challenge. Not putting on high hopes though I love this picture. I have never done it before, have a dark outline of myself. I was hoping for a better editing software, i am using picasa 2, not bad really, but i need a better software to remove blemishes... there's more to update. So many things to tell you people. Kinda worried if i post too much... Hoping to see my no-of-visitors increase with more people saying hi in my shoutbox(at the sidebar) or in my posts comments.

Bits of upcoming posts: More photos, includes a day at science centre, my amazing pictures of my cousins, me being publicized. (any guess, anyone?)

Great thanks to people who has found my programme list interesting, Miss Lim commented on the creative look! Sigh, so busy these days, today i've got five tests in school... almost killed myself. I need time for a nap.
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  1. Hi Terence, just some friendly advice. Try posting your SPC pics as close to Tuesday as you can. Self Portrait Challenge used to be Self Portrait Tuesday and I guess old habits die hard.

    Also try conforming with the theme of the month. One more week on "Self Portrait as ______________" (fill in the blank.)

    Otherwise, you're doing a good job trying different lighting, angles, etc.