Saturday, 15 December 2007


Okay. Amelene! I'm not lazy... I blogged again okay! Lol.

Thursday morning was great, woke up on time. Thanks to my efficient alarm clock(amelene)! Lol.

We cycled to Macritche reservoir park to have some breadfast. But sadly, we have no toast to go along with our eggs. Ben took one that was cooked perfectly and me and amel had eggs that are like almost RAW! arrgghh! not trusting ben with the time again! (we had a little stomache 'egg' later. LOL.)
Later on, we took soem photos up at a top hill. with amazing views and sight and we linger there for quite a while. And then we start our clicking our cameras.

me and amel tried on different.....

per·spec·tive /pərˈspɛktɪv/

1. a picture employing this technique, esp. one in which it is prominent: an architect's perspective of a house.

2. of or pertaining to the art of perspective, or represented according to its laws

3. the state of one's ideas, the facts known to one, etc., in having a meaningful interrelationship: You have to live here a few years to see local conditions in perspective.

(amelene's photo)
(photo taken by me)

the difference in one's view from the distance makes this photo different from the other.

one is to look at both the photo and the scenery and the other is to focus on the person looking at it.

But I would be glad to say that amelene's photography skills are really good! haha... this shows that the camera or the pixels it haa does not matter, its the person perspective of the object. and this comes with... practise. hear that, Jeff!

Here's another one we took at the bridge by ghafar. I tried by using self timer and then running there (it was quite far) but it didn't work! so we need some help.
the we went to lower pirece reservoir to take some pictures and we sat in the sun for sometime. (which I later become ruldoph the red nose) The view was great. we went ahead to upper pirece despite amelene's constant protest! LOL. And that was be the last time i cycled to so many places at once! ahhhhh!

After lingering there for a while, when gwee and amel where complaining abt my forgetfulness and leaving my camera at the edge. (yes. i admit it.) I took the camera but I missed it and saw it rolling to the water.

I was doomed! The camera was soaked! We had to dry it with our clothes! It didn't work, the screen went pinkish and the viewfinder went blueish! Its a nightmare! I left it in my bag and off we went to upper priece. The slopes made me too tired to even think of the camera.

Here's one we took at upper pirece... regretful that my camera wasn't working at that time. And great news, my camera is alive and well. everything functional!

I was left to use my camera and surpisingly... the photos are really clear and good! And my phone camera is 3.2 megapixel... same as my good old camera. SEE!!! camera doesn't matter...its the person taking it, jeff!!!

regretfully, we didn't take more as i thought the photo wouldn't go well with my phone camera. I was wrong. Now, no doubt about the powers of my nokia 6500 silde!

Here's one amelene took of me climbing trees, it wasn't easy climb them as they were dry and shredding their bark. Miss doing that when we families use to play rounders there!
The perspective is defintely different up there. :) Pin It

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