Saturday, 22 December 2007

All the sugar is at the bottom of the cup.

Did this card in a hurry (1st Christmas card this year!) and is already on its way to the recipient's place in no time! Not telling who, i know the person wouldn't read my blog so I'm safe posting this photo!
Woke up early and cut my freaking long hair. And had my Breakfast this morning... loads of yellow sugar and coconut!

Finally my first mini album completed and the time is very close to the end of holidays. sigh, life sucks. Never mind, at least i did managed to finish one album! Proud of it too! :)

Amel and I was studing at my house and I sent her later to the bus stop. Then, a werid plump Chinese in his 40s kept looking at amelene for a while and then started asking her questions.

man: you secondary what next year?
You JC or ploy then? Poly? Poly?
Art or science?
what subject combinations?
He asked all the questions in a LOUD, unfriendly and werid sort of way in which freaked both of us. We left quickly to the supermarket and away from this man. You can read her account over here. Mind you, I've experienced once in the train when a normal (but crazy) guy came and talk to me, asking to check my bag for his friends leg and refusing to let go! A result of too much sugar in the cup? I don't think so.
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