Friday, 21 December 2007

My life is like a BORING movie.

On tuesday, we had our second class BBQ! YEAH! Got really tired after the cycle and walking up and down from my house to the pit. The food was really great (good job shar and amelene! Nice beef and fish. And thanks mum!) but sadly there isn't enough food due to some of the hungry uninvited guest.

The bbq pit was set up quite late as they had forgotten to buy the bbq net!!! But they set up the pit really quickly! Thanks to the BB boys for your hard work!
so we managed to have some really good food! and the eating and talking was great! Had a good time talking (criticizing) about leng heng fats! LOL! a usual habit of mine while in secondary school!!
They girls were talking about the pasts and gossiping i suppose . :) Loads to talk and laugh about with them. But amelene didn't serve me chicken wing and food! U owe me! :(
Good times. They have change alot since last year. But i realised nothing changed about me. I am one boring person in a boring movie. Nothing interesting about. Pin It

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