Monday, 2 May 2011


Ever since I've restarted this blog, I have been busy. I don't what and I don't know why. April just went off so quickly and its already May right now. I'm starting to scrap now and be more active in the scrapbook world, restarting to enjoy the love for scrapbooking. There's just so much things going through my mind right now to scrap and create. there's actually quite a lot of things I want to write but I'm just going to hold on first.
Here's a layout I worked for 1.5months ago which I took just a few hours to make and i absolutely loved it. I hardly do anything to create more layers and dimension. and i started using washi tapes. In case you haven't heard of it, you can see it here and here. These are the links given by my friend who owns like 20 or 30 of it. ( i think the numbers might be and understatement.) It is totally useful because you can use it on ANYTHING and for EVERYTHING. and it doesn't have to empty your piggy bank just to get one. However, the one I use for this layout does cost more because of the brand. You could see the bottom left of the page which i use red glimmer mist to make the tape a reddish colour. To tell you the truth, I only bought 2 rolls because I'm controlling before i get really crazy about the tapes!
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