Thursday, 21 April 2011


Here are the cards I made last year or this year which I kinda forgot or lazy to post, some cards i left out to take photos like wai leong's card which i was very happy when it was completed because it took quite a huge amount of time but went out well. the above card was for Lynnette and the guitar was cut out by my digital cutter.

Also hannah's and lynnette's christmas card which I got them godiva chocolates.But I forgot to take photo of their cards. (where's my christmas presents? just kidding.)

I know christmas is a long way but not only i forgot to post this but i also forgot to give this card to the person! guess who?
A card I made for my dear friends which I made before I went overseas which he is supposed to send me off so i could pass it to him. But in the end, I still managed to send him via air mail. But when it is reached him, he is coming back in a month time! The red die-cut is actually a map of Switzerland done by my digital cutter again! And i decided to save paper and printed a photo to use a frame inside. actually i did not notice it until my other friend pointed out the spelling mistake... as my scrapbook friends always says, never spell late at night!! it will always go wrong!! Done with card making.
Now, to start with scrapbooking....
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