Tuesday, 17 May 2011


I'm not sure if you know by now where I am working at. But I have been really really busy for about 3 weeks now. Learning, teaching, designing and working at the same time. I enjoyed it. A lot. I'm totally in a new work place with babes everywhere. (that's what they call each other) And unfortunately (or fortunately) I'm the MAN. (warning: This blog post has subtle self-praise.) I'm running around different places and teaching different classes which is quite fresh to me and really really fun!

They found me an apron for me to wear which looks like a butcher without his trusty meat knife and chopping board, but since the sharpest thing i hold around there is a smaller craft knife, or maybe a big Martha Steward scissors, I look pretty harmless and clueless to help. So I now proudly wear a badge which i just add on the stickers! *Refer to the first image*

Right now, I'm trying my best to design a class for next month! and I'm excited about the papers I chose and hope that many people is going to sign up! Just a few days ago, I managed to complete my deadline for a event next month! (i was complain or getting whiny, but I was satisfied with it!) I'm pretty sure its gonna be fun (and is really worth the money!) so do sign up for it at the plaza sing outlet! Pin It

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