Thursday, 26 May 2011

June class is out!

June class schedule is finally out! I'll be teaching mainly my own class SWEET SENTIMENTS and I am incredibly excited! I try my best to ensure everybody have tons of fun scrapping during the June holidays!  The layout took me quite a while because I wanted it to be less girlish yet appealing and the end result was GREAT! It took me in the wee hours of the night listening to the radio while scrapping. Quite therapeutic. I was really excited to finish the 2 layouts and I know I would suffer from insomnia if i don't finish it fast! I will also be teaching another class called Love Me Do (which is cute and definitely fun to create!) on Saturdays. (you can read my earlier post to find out) 
 After 3 weeks of teaching, I think I have learn quite a lot of stuffs about sharing your creative experience and how to create certain things to create an effect. I totally enjoyed and I feel like working there forever! :)
So June time will be a squeezy wheezy time for me as there are tons to do! Right now, I'm thinking of signing up one of Merdrey's classes! probably the 'carousel' or the 'ME-think positive' class! who's with me!
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