Friday, 23 November 2007

The Story So Far

Here's the stroy so far. Its the first week of the hoildays and i have loads and loads to do and finish up. My table is in a huge mess with both scrap stuffs and aschool work (though i haven't been doing any YET. Now, I have to pack up my stuffs up and find files for my other subject... *sigh* this table has been messed up for months.
Trying to boost up my scrapping energy but I have only done up the outer cover of two books! I need more time to finish up these 2 books and do layout. Just can't bring the work up. took one whole day to do that small little book you see on the left. Now, I need to complete stuffs! Everything is half done!
Oh yes, thanks to sharmaine for bring the very very important book that i wanted to read ever since i finished reading eragon. Now, I just have to finish this. Loads to finish. Gotta end the story and wait for the 3rd book!
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