Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Its been...

some time since i enjoyed... snap photos and blog them. Well, I got promoted! Though the results were borderline... gonna work hard for A's Now!
I am quite lazy, one example would be that these photos was taken on sat and i took the time to blog them. If you have seen Amelene's Blog, you woulfdh ave realised that we went to bike! And i'm so glad to regain my photographic passion! So I snap quite some shots the whole day (60 plus) Gettinga new phone camera is quite helpful too!!!

The strong sun give us sunburn but casted nice shadows! (My face is peeling off now...)
One of my Favourite shot! It looked pretty nice!

You might ask: why are they bending down? There was a HUGE BEE flying in the shelter with them..ha ha!
Another one of my favourites!

Amelene is super photogenic and is willing to take photos! Nice pose!

It was a hot day... so we went to icekimo! I wanted to try that for a long long time already! Though i was quite disapointed with the amount of ice-cream and the chcolate fondue that they use.... it looked pretty nice though!

One of those pictures we took while on the way to swim (me and gersh to meet edwin and WK) and amelene off to meet shar for baking stuffs!

AFTER swimming, we met and went off to shar house to bake... everyone helped! Including Shar's sister!
The stuffs tasted quite buttery and our hands had the butter smell after intensive mixing!

We added 3 bars of chocolate for the brownuies! Hmmm... nice!
After coming back from swensen's, We saw the brownies!!! All so nice!!! Baking more on Thurs!

Clixk above picture for the 'biking & Baking' Album
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