Monday, 12 November 2007


Walking in the all-green environment is great, fresh air and some occasional animal noises, enjoying the beautiful sights.

Amelene wanted to have some outing and i decided to have the bikes locked up for this trip, so we went on foot to the HSBC treetop walk. it was totally cool as it was after the rain, which makes the journey a whole lot easier.

What's more, she didn't complain unlike others (shall not mention who) during the long 11 km walk. I think its totally worth the walk. And thank god there is a restroom in the park when you need it! LOL!
You could see that she isn't afraid of heights! during the whole trip i was behind her and took most of the pictures at that angle.
I pass her the camera, and she took some of me! Not particualry used to being in front of the camera....
here's a really cool shot... the river reflection of both of us....! and the river water is totally clear and even have small fishes!
another one of my favourite shot.... leaving the camera at the floor of the bridge... how dangerous....
after all that, we enjoyed at NEW YORK NEW YORK, loved the root beer! Cheers to you all! Click the title of this blog post or here if you would like to view all the photos (quite a lot of it..)

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